Fampiasana ny Ankizy

Ankizy latsaky ny 15 taona

In accordance with the labour code, the minimum age for employment is 15 years. The minimum age should not be less than the age of completion of compulsory schooling. Children cannot be employed in any business, even as apprentices, before the age of fifteen (15) years without the permission of the Inspector of Labour however the work should not be harmful to their health and normal development (art. 100).

Children under 15 years can be hired to perform light work. Light work is the work that does not exceed their strength; does not have a source of danger; and that is not likely to harm their health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

The compulsory education age in Madagascar is 16 years.

Source: §2 of DECRET N° 2007 563 du 3 juillet 2007; §100 of the Labour Code 2003; §39 of the Law No. 2004-004 of 26 July 2004 on the general organization of the education, training and training system; §24 of the Constitution of Madagascar 2010

Fe-taona farafahakeliny amin'ny asa mampitato loza

Minimum Age for hazardous work is 18 years.  Workers under 18 years of age cannot be employed for more than eight hours a day and forty hours a week. Night work and overtime is also prohibited for workers under 18. Daily rest of 12 consecutive hours has to be given to the young workers. Workers below 18 years of age cannot be used for immoral work, work beyond their strength, forced labour and dangerous or unhealthy work.

Children and adolescents are employed only after a medical examination. The labour inspector may also ask for medical examination of children by a licensed physician to verify that work does not exceed their physical strength.

Source: § 101 & 103 of the Labour Code 2003; §10-22 of DECRET N° 2007 563 du 3 juillet 2007

Fitsipika mifehy ny fampiasana ankizy

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