Fikarakarana Tsy Mitanila Amin'ny Asa

Karama mitovy

The Constitution of Madagascar states that all individuals have a right to a fair remuneration for their work assuring them, as well as their family, an existence in conformity with human dignity.

In accordance with the Labour Code, workers should receive equal pay for work of equal value regardless of their origin, colour, descent, nationality, gender, age, union membership, their views and their status.

Source: §29 of the Constitution of Madagascar 2010; §53 of the Labour Code 2003

Tsy fanavakavahana

In accordance with the Labour Code, an employer cannot discriminate against a person (in any aspect of employment) on grounds of race, religion, national origin, sex, trade union membership, political affiliation and HIV/AIDS status. Discrimination on above grounds is a liable offence.

The Constitution also prohibits discrimination in the following words: "No one may be prejudiced in their work or in their employment for reason of gender, of age, of religion, of opinions, of origins, of belonging to a trade-union or of political convictions" (Art. 28). "The law is the expression of the general will. It is the same for all, whether it protects, it obligates or it punishes. All individuals are equal before the law and enjoy the same fundamental freedoms protected by the law without discrimination founded on gender, the level of instruction, wealth, origin, religious belief or opinion. The law favors the equal access and the participation of women and men in public employment and to the functions in the domain of the political, economical and social life. (Art. 6)

Source: § 5 & 261 of the Labour Code 2003; § 6 & 28 of the Constitution of Madagascar 2010; Décret n°2011-626, du 11 octobre 2011, portant application de la Loi n°2003-044 du 28 juillet 2004 portant Code du Travail, relatif à la lute contre le VIH/sida en milieu du travail

Zò eo amin'ny asa

Women cannot work in the same industries as men. Restrictions are in place to protect women from night work (Art. 85). The industries where women are prohibited from work are determined under decree of National Labor Council (Art. 93).

Source: § 85 & 93 of the Labour Code 2003

Fitsipika mikasika ny fikarakarana tsy mitanila amin'ny asa

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