Salaire Uhuru Kenyatta

  • Président - Kenya
  • : 1961 Kenya
  • Annuellement: 98 128 841 CFA
  • Mensuellement: 8 177 403 CFA
  • Hebdomadairement: 1 887 093 CFA
  • Journalier: 377 419 CFA
Uhuru Kenyatta Aug 2019: Kenyatta earns US$13,860 monthly.
BusinessToday May 2019: The annual salaries of Uhuru Kenyatta and Willam Ruto inclusive of their basic pay and allowances are set to increase to Ksh38 million from Ksh36.6 million.
Forbes 2019: Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta makes the Forbes list of Africa's 40 Richest
Standardmedia July 2017:Under the new structure released by Sarah Serem, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto will earn monthly gross of Sh1.4million and Sh1.2million respectively down from Sh1.650 and Sh1.40million.
Venasnews Feb 2017: Starting July this year ,President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pay will be increased by ten per cent and that of the deputy president William Ruto too. Their annual salaries will then read Ksh 40.2 million from the current Ksh36.6 million. Their allowances though remain unaffected.
AllAfrica March 10, 2014: The President currently earns Sh1.7m a month which will now go down to Sh1,350,000 a month, or 16.2 million a year.
Capitalfm February 5, 2013: The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has released a new pay structure which recommends a maximum earning of Sh1.7 million for the President from the current Sh2 million.


Update: 2019-8